To Do List Template For Moms

Seeing other people’s To Do Lists is stressful. When they pop up on Pinterest, all I can think is, “I don’t vacuum the drapes every other day. How does this woman do it?!” I swear I’m not trying to pressure you. That said, when I was pregnant, I would have loved to see a real new mom’s daily tasks.

This is what my list looked like during H’s first three months or so. I have it saved on my computer so that I can easily alter it as my lifestyle changes. I print the list each Sunday and jot down any events planned that week in the “to do” area. Throughout the day, I literally put checkmarks in the boxes as I compete each task. (If I was unclear as to whether or not I’m a nerd, I think that confirms it.) Those of you who don’t have kids may laugh at me for including “breakfast” on my to do list. Those of you with kids will completely understand. With a newborn at home, if you don’t specifically remind yourself to eat, you may not.

I’m fortunate enough to use a biweekly household cleaning service, which explains the lack of cleaning chores on my list. I received a year’s work of cleaning from my family as a gift when H was born. Be sure to check out 10 Perfect Gifts for New Moms for other great gift ideas for new moms. Click the links below to download this To Do List in either PDF or editable OpenOffice format.

Color To Do List

PDF Format (Color)

OpenOffice Template (Color)

Black and White To Do List

PDF Format (B&W)

OpenOffice Template (B&W)

Happy checkmarking!

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