Easy Newborn Valentines With Lots of Heart

Newborn Valentine www.wisemamablog.com

A few days ago, H made his very first Valentines for his grandparents. Stamping quality footprints from a 3-month-old was surprisingly easy. He rode in our Infantino Carrier so that my hands were free. I dabbed his dangling foot in acrylic paint and went to town stamping. The first two tries did nothing more than get rid of excess paint; after that, the stamps looked pretty good. I kept him in the carrier to wash off his tootsies in the sink. Easy as pie. Amazingly, we both made it through the project without covering ourselves in paint.

UPS Envelopes www.wisemamablog.com

Since we used the classic 8 1/2 by 11-sheet-of-paper-folded-in-half method for our Valentines, I wasn’t sure what to use for an envelope. Lucky for me, UPS sells perfectly sized envelopes in a wide variety of fun colors. I’ve taken note of their cute envelopes for future DIY cards.

For more pics of the Wise Family Valentine’s season, including a couple of great Hobby Lobby wreaths, check out Wise Mama Blog on Instagram – I’d love to see you there. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your family! Spread the love.

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