Handmade Hobby Horse: Wise Family Tradition

Hobby Horse www.wisemamablog.com

We welcomed a new nursery resident recently. Andy’s dad handmade this beautiful hobby-horse for H. What a sweet face on this little guy. I appreciate the loving details, from his mane to his ears.

Hobby Horse W www.wisemamablog.com

Grandpa even branded the horse with a Wise “W”. I’m a sucker for personalized gifts.

Hobby Horse Gary www.wisemamablog.com

Hobby-horses carry a rich history in the Wise family. In the 1930s, a farmhouse table leaf provided the raw material for the first horse. Four generations later, the family still copies the same original construction pattern. Here, Grandpa poses with three horses he made when Andy was little.

Hobby Horse Andy www.wisemamablog.com

Clearly, baby Andy’s ready to hit the dusty trail. Yeehaw! I can’t wait to watch my little guy ride ‘em cowboy on his own horse, just like Dad.

Etsy Hobby Horse www.wisemamablog.com

Don’t have a woodcrafter in the family? Etsy offers several heirloom quality rocking horses. This one, handmade by Toys2Treasures, is particularly beautiful. Every child needs a timeless toy or two.

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Current photography by Samantha Wise.