Garage Baby Swing

Andy and I aren’t yet ready to commit to a full-fledged swing set, so we got creative and installed a toddler swing in our garage. It’s located close enough to the garage opening that baby H can still see a pretty view of the yard. The garage roof provides overhead protection, so he can even swing in the rain. It was easy to install (especially for me, since I wasn’t the one who installed it!).

homedepothooks_wisemamablog.comWe bought this screw swing hardware set at Home Depot for $5,

 and this toddler swing on Amazon for $20.

hooks_wisemamablog.comAndy installed the hooks in about 20 minutes. He said it was, “super easy.” Andy’s Helpful Hint:  Use a screwdriver to help screw in the hooks by sticking it through the hook and turning it for leverage.

swinging_wisemamablog.comVoilà! Our little guy lights up when he swings, especially when I get the bubble-making machine going at the same time. I love that we can enjoy a baby swing at home without having to commit to a giant play set yet.

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5 Month Favorites

I borrowed this idea from one of my favorite bloggers, Vanessa (and her adorable daughter Arden), at Sunflower State of Mind. Here’s a quick look at my family’s favorite 5-month products.

1. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes — We affectionately refer to this little device as H’s “iPod.” It has one giant button, so at 5 months, H can already play it himself. He loves to rock out to it in the carseat, and I can tolerate the music because it plays classical tunes. Well done, Baby Einstein.

2. Motorola Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor — What don’t I love about this video monitor? The picture quality is so impressive, I can see H breathing. The best part is how intuitive it is. You can easily check the nursery’s temperature, speak to your baby through a microphone, rotate the camera, and scramble eggs with it. Okay, maybe not that last one.

3. Enfamil Single-Serve Powder Packets — These individual formula packets are crazy convenient for running errands. I fill a bottle with water, throw a few of these in my bag, and away we go.

4. Stacking Cups — H feels like a big boy banging these things around.  If I had to pick just one toy for him, I’d pick these. The simple toys are always the best, aren’t they?

5. Goodnight Moon Board Book — H, Andy, and I can’t fall sleep without reading this classic book together first. “Goodnight nobody. Goodnight mush.” Love it.

6. Graco Duodiner Highchair — Easy to clean. Easy to raise and lower. Easy to put a baby in and out of. It leans back far enough to use with an infant, but we’ve gotten the most mileage out of it since H started solids. It even matches our black and white kitchen.

7. Sunhat — We love going outside to enjoy this warm weather, but my fair-skinned babe always needs a hat. I’ve found that it works well to keep a sunhat in the car as well as the house.

8. Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Crib-to-Floor Activity Piano — My mom told me we’d like this, and we sure do. It attaches to the side of the crib, so when H wakes up, he can entertain himself for a couple of minutes before I come get him.

Time to start gathering our 6 month favorites now. Boy, time flies.

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Handmade Hobby Horse: Wise Family Tradition

Hobby Horse

We welcomed a new nursery resident recently. Andy’s dad handmade this beautiful hobby-horse for H. What a sweet face on this little guy. I appreciate the loving details, from his mane to his ears.

Hobby Horse W

Grandpa even branded the horse with a Wise “W”. I’m a sucker for personalized gifts.

Hobby Horse Gary

Hobby-horses carry a rich history in the Wise family. In the 1930s, a farmhouse table leaf provided the raw material for the first horse. Four generations later, the family still copies the same original construction pattern. Here, Grandpa poses with three horses he made when Andy was little.

Hobby Horse Andy

Clearly, baby Andy’s ready to hit the dusty trail. Yeehaw! I can’t wait to watch my little guy ride ‘em cowboy on his own horse, just like Dad.

Etsy Hobby Horse

Don’t have a woodcrafter in the family? Etsy offers several heirloom quality rocking horses. This one, handmade by Toys2Treasures, is particularly beautiful. Every child needs a timeless toy or two.

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Current photography by Samantha Wise.