10 Perfect Gifts for New Moms

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People warned me that after my baby was born, all the pampering and special attention I received while pregnant would turn toward the baby instead. As soon as the baby’s born, family members would shove me aside to get to the newborn. “Enjoy it while it lasts,” they’d say.

I can’t deny there was some truth to this, but thankfully my family and friends did a few things to acknowledge the fact that I’d just given birth. These gifts made me feel quite special. You might consider them for the new mother in your life. (Or just buy them for yourself.)


My aunt gave me this lovely nighty from Gap Body. I’m a fan of long-sleeved nightgowns because they keep my arms warm. Plus, the buttons make for easy nighttime nursing.


My in-laws gifted us a subscription to Netflix. This is the perfect present for new parents because they can’t easily leave the house. TV shows are a nice option; it’s impossible to find two hours of uninterrupted time for a movie.


I received lovely coconut soap from my brother shortly after H was born. It makes a gal feel fancy during a not-so-fancy time.


Cliche? No way. Flowers are easy to display in the home and easy to dispose of when they wilt. I felt like a million bucks when my husband came home with a bouquet just for me.


I received this beautiful locket from my parents. I love keeping photos of my two boys close. The locket is classic and beautiful.


When my dear friend gave us a casserole, I could have bear-hugged her to the ground. Just knowing for one night I didn’t have to juggle a fussy newborn with browning hamburger was a gift beyond measure.

Fruit of the Month

Harry and David fruit is to die for. The pears are like little nuggets of heaven. Fruit of the Month is fairly pricey, but I always look forward to the delicious monthly delivery.

Food Giftcards

Sensing a food-trend? Obtaining decent meals is a challenge for new parents. Plus, new parents are usually on a budget. A giftcard justifies yummy takeout for a night.

Home Cleaning

I’m so thankful for this gift that I’m nearly in tears when the gals come to clean the house. It affords me more time with my baby, and there’s nothing more valuable than that. House cleaning isn’t as expensive as you might think. I’ve heard of girlfriends going together to buy a cleaning service in lieu of a traditional baby shower gift.

Manicure Time

I have yet to receive this. Hint, hint.

After feeling the love from friends and family when I received these gifts, I vow to pay it forward to other new mamas. My new-mom friends will now receive a little something for themselves as well as for their bundle of joy. Mark my words.

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Pictures Pictures Pictures: What To Do With All Those Newborn Photos

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Pearhead Babybook and Shutterfly Photobook

H is our first child, and he’s the first grandchild on both sides of the family, and my husband and sister-in-law are photographers. Needless to say, we could wallpaper our home in pictures of our son. Not that I’m complaining; I absolutely love the photos. However, the inner-organizer in me always wants to do something to make the pictures meaningful, shareable, and presentable.

Shutterfly www.wisemamablog.com

Shutterfly Photobook

The wildly popular Shutterfly is a website that enables you to create photobooks, personalized cards, calendars, and other photo gifts. My husband used a coupon to create a free photobook (pictured above) with H’s early pictures. I loved it so much, I replicated it for both sets of grandparents. We used personalized art on the cover: the same “H” in the nursery. Shutterfly is user-friendly, prompt in their delivery, and makes a beautiful product.

Pearhead www.wisemamablog.com

Pearhead Babybook and Bragbooks

I looked long and hard to find a babybook with a contemporary feel. The Pearhead Babybook (pictured above) is just the ticket. This dots pattern is timeless but cool. Best of all, the pages are removable, enabling you to rearrange the book as you see fit. It includes photo corners and photo pages, so even non-scrapbookers wind up with a professional product. I purchased a couple of matching Pearhead brag books (only $9 each!) for H’s two grandmas — not that they need any help in the grandson-bragging department. I love that their brag books match H’s babybook.

Flickr www.wisemamablog.com

Flickr Photo Sharing

We use Flickr to share photos with family for a couple of reasons. My husband feels safe knowing that if our hard drive was damaged, we’d still be able to access our priceless photos online. I like Flickr because it prevents me from over-sharing on Facebook; I know the people who truly care can access our Flickr images. Flickr’s free account allows you to upload 2 videos and 300MB worth of photos per month.

Canvas Pop www.wisemamablog.com

CanvasPop Printing

It’s no secret I love CanvasPop. They printed the “H art” in our nursery. I couldn’t help but use them again. This time, they printed our best newborn pic on a giant canvas. It looks great in the nursery. I hear CanvasPop does great things with Instagram pictures as well, but I haven’t tried printing those yet.

Whether you’re a scrapbook-maker or an Instagram-taker, I know you’ll find creative ways to highlight your babe’s pictures without letting them collect digital dust.

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5 Personalized Gift Ideas for a New Baby

New moms are grateful for any gesture of giving – whether it be a new stroller or a bag of diapers. However, personalized gifts really stick out from the crowd. They make the new mom feel that the giver agrees: this little bundle is truly special — the light of the world —  and deserves a gift just for him. Here are some of the favorites I received.

Personalized Book

Personalized Book from I See Me

1. A Personalized Book. We received Very Merry Christmas from I See Me, a company that specializes in personalized books. I squealed with delight upon opening this darling little book. Not only is it personalized, but it tells an adorable story with gorgeous illustrations.

Personalized Pillow

Personalized Pillows from Uncommon Goods

2. A Personalized Pillow. Uncommon Goods makes a contemporary birth announcement-style pillow that I love. We splurged the $100 to get it, but I consider it a quality keepsake for H to hold on to. We get many compliments on this comfortable birth announcement.

Personalized Ornament

Personalized Ornament from Zazzle

3. A Personalized Christmas Ornament. You’ll find endless options out there for personalized ornaments. What I love about the one from Zazzle is that it’s only about $17, but it feels and looks much more expensive.

Personalized Cup

Silver Cup from Tiffany & Co

4. A Personalized Silver Cup. I was fortunate enough to receive one from Tiffany & Co. Does it get better than opening that little blue box?  It’s engraved with H’s birth date. I enjoy seeing it on the shelf in the nursery, next to a similar Tiffany cup I received as a baby.

Personalized Hat

Personalized Hat from Nacho Baby

5. Personalized Clothing.  My cousin-in-law, Cara (who happens to run a fabulous newborn-help service in Arizona called Taking Cara Babies) ebroidered H’s name on tiny hats for him to wear in the hospital. Seeing our special boy in a personal beanie, rather than the hospital-issued hat was a sweet touch. And it made for cute photo ops! Etsy offers a variety of personalized baby clothes.

Whether you’re looking for a great gift for your pregnant pal, or you want to give your own baby something special, I recommend going the personalized route. Though we don’t need to embroider each diaper, it sure is fun to have a handful of personal items lying around. What personalized gifts make you swoon?

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